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Fair education

Our vision is to create an environment where every student can study according to his or her individual ability in each subject and is evaluated fairly based on what is able to achieve.

Fair education -> cellular ecosystem Motion where cells create three logical rings: the school (teachers, students, parents), educational environment (schools, county councils, department/ministry of education) and knowledge suppliers (schools, publishers, teachers, writers).


  • Enabling continuous personal development and evaluation
  • Reducing the weight of schoolbags by digitalizing of schoolbooks
  • Platform allowing an integration of content provided by any other provider, system or online application
  • Independent on specific solution (Publishers/Hardware/Software)
  • Platform allowing each teacher to create their own educational material
  • Platform for continuous assessments of students/teachers/classes/schools and countries
  • Exchange of educational materials between students/classes/teachers/schools/institutions
  • Instant implementation of new information from industries/research institutions etc. to schools
  • Optimal balance between online and offline content (eBooks or paper books)