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E-mail protection

Email attacks are very real and they are growing every day. We really believe that with our solution we can put a stop to all this, to protect people's identities and prevent businesses from getting into trouble

Unprotected e-mail communication often results in cyber-attack. Successful cyber-attack leads to significant data and financial loss. Oghma helps to prevent it and because it doesn’t require complex installations and integrations it's much more cost effective for the end user.


  • works with any e-mail account
  • E-mail provider as well as an e-mail address remain the same
  • Protected content always resides outside of its e-mail
  • Additional protection levels available
  • Individual encryption for each e-mail, Encrypted data space, Access time limit,
  • Integrated to MS Outlook
  • No synchronized setting between sender and receiver required
  • Available instantly, no installation needed (Protected e-mail sent in less than three minutes)
  • Professional options available