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Knowledge management

Knowledge is the most important capital for any individual or company. While other capital assets may hold greater monetary value, or intrinsic worth, knowledge is the primary factor in utilizing those other assets. Knowledge gives you an advantage in competing with others. Knowledge and economic development are inseparable. Any company or individual must move with times and that’s why knowledge is the key to their success.

Without proper knowledge management your company would be here today, gone tomorrow.

In 2004 president of USA announced space exploration plans for the USA to return to the Moon by 2015. Six years later the next president of USA is calling on NASA to cancel the program that was to return humans to the Moon. What is not officially admitted, or even known by most people, is the fact that when NASA scientists were able to send astronauts to the moon in 1969, NASA could not successfully send astronauts to the moon today. Not only have vital blueprints, such as those for the Saturn rocket, been lost but other documents and data from the Apollo launches have become relics of a former era.


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