turns any MS Word into your Motion content editor and use full functionality of MS Word. Motion’s e-Motion.allows users to open and save HTML content of active MS Word document into Motion database. When a user saves a document to Motion it is instantly accessible from internet.   

  • Wherever you go all your documents are always available to you. Anytime from any device connected to internet. (No installation needed!)
  • Content is always up to date
  • Motion stores HTML content of document not a file and that’s why there is no problem with conversion so it is editable in any version of MS Word without any conversion and without any loss of formatting (For example it is not possible to open a document created in MS Office 2007 in any previous version of MS Word unless it is saved to be compatible with earlier versions and some of a rich formatting gets lost!)
  • Document stored in Motion can be edited not only by any version of MS Office but by any editor which supports editing of HTML document s i.e. OpenOffice, Lotus Notes, Notepad but it can also be edited directly in our black box.
  • It is simple and easy to use (the same way as to save document locally)
  • No technical skills required
  • Multilingual support – easy localization of content
  • User friendly
  • Complete self-administration of content also via Motion directly by content owners
  • Content is instantly available in any desired user interface as in Heliport, OneClick, MyWeb etc.