Case studies


Localization testing of Nokia mobile phones

We were approached by Nokia to look at the possibility to improve their localization testing process. There was no single big problem but rather series of various problems when the whole process was described as messy, unorganized and costly. There were some critical issues for example how to easily complete a testing for all target languages. (The pilot project had 24 target languages). Each language needs 9000 files (approximately 27000 A4 pages) to complete the full set of tests when various pages are constantly updated. Nokia also required extremely tight security of whole system.

Motion technology was selected for its ability to solve all critical problems in one “package”.  Motion allowed to manage and synchronize only one set of instruction files (35000 A4 pages) when instructions were dynamically translated by Motion during an execution of each test. This resulted not only in easier and cheaper file management but also in better use of available resources for example by executing tests by no native speakers for some languages. The result of each test was reported directly to Motion and managers were able to monitor the status of whole project in real time. Thanks to cloud architecture of Motion technology selected files were shared with other different projects without need to set up the whole infrastructure again for each project.

Motion technology achieved to save approximately €1.45 million on first pilot project (€2.25 million the first year) and to reduce the time needed to complete this project by 5 months (40%)

Thanks to this achievement Frantisek Rouca received a Franz von Ziegesar innovation award sponsored by Bowne Co (USA)

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Regular metal coating line checks

The company which is producing auto parts for various car makers including Volkswagen and Skoda was opening a new metal coating plant and its critical part is the metal coating line. To ensure smooth operation this line requires regular checks for example a level of oil or an oil pressure in various locations. When the line was down for whole day and had to be repaired the whole production stopped. There was a strong suspicion that the previous night’s check was not done thoroughly but it was not possible to prove.

Motion offered an execution of instructions and reporting the result of each check on portable device contacted to internet. The biggest benefits of this solution are that a status of each check is available online in real time, an appointed person could be notified (without person checking a line even knowing) to be able to do an inspection and reported results could be analyzed on internet for example a comparison of the time spent  by doing each check.

Online documentation of software products and services

In many companies the product and service documentation is often left behind. The main reason is that management of proper documentation requires a lot of resources. Software development and consultancy company decided to use Motion technology because it has a flexible architecture and allows an easy creation of own environment for each product and service with zero additional cost as well as offers all functionality needed for all tasks associated with document management including writing, editing, reviewing and publishing. No more endless transfers of files. Also the presence of option to import already existing files easily as well as possibility to use directly MS Word (with our e-Motion Add In) was essential for their decision to use Motion. “It’s just awesome…” the director of company commented the speed and simplicity of creation of documentation for their new product. (“So much time saved…” he added.)

Web content management

Although our web site is completely powered and dynamically generated by Motion and also all content is managed in Motion in real time this case study is not about us.

Chamber of Commerce was not happy about the static content of their web site. Every request to update web content was taking far too long and also required a paid assistance of html experts. (It has to be highlighted that they were using free open source solution. They wanted a system where anyone without any special technical skills will be able easily and quickly to publish any interesting information as well as to create new dynamic portals for various projects without any external help.

Now everybody is contributing to their web site when the web site remains perfectly organized. For creating of web content they are using mainly MS Word with our Add In e-Motion so they did not have to learn any new skills. Motion technology allowed them also to improve the communication with their members when they are able to distribute important information via monitored online interface, create online forms, and distribute all available material in different formats previously by email now by publishing online or in eBooks thanks to our application MotionPub etc.

Online portal to support a cooperation between universities and businesses

Co-founded by European Structural fund

Many companies do not have capacity and resources to deal with some of their problems. On the other hand universities often have a free capacity and brain power to solve these problems and in fact are glad for these new interesting challenges.

Chamber of commerce, universities and European structural fund decided to create a dynamic portal where universities will be able to offer their free research capacity and companies will be able to publish their problems or list available positions for students etc. Motion technology thanks to its cloud architecture was able to offer flexible and a dynamic environment where all required projects were set up quickly with minimal effort and no additional cost because this portal runs on the same cloud server as web site of Chamber of Commerce (there is no extra installation and maintenance cost either).

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