Motion is an internet knowledge management technology. It is a web application with several user interfaces and SQL database on background. The flexible architecture of Motion technology allows our customers to use Motion technology as a service when each customer has own knowledge management cloud on selected server or as a server application installed directly on customer’s servers or personal computers to maximize a return of investment. Motion technology was designed on SAS principles (SimplifyingAccessibility and increasing Security of internet) which ensures maximal simplicity of use by any user without any special technical skills, maximal accessibility from any device connected to internet and maximal security of managed knowledge.

Motion ™

- Project Scope Definition
- Project Requirements
- Process and project management
- Administration module
- User management
- Task management
- Workflow module
- Available as a Cloud or as a server application



- Internet knowledge portal  (Public online book)
- Online helps or guide books



- Secure internet knowledge portal (user name and password required)
- (Secured online library)



Public internet knowledge portal
web portal with all Heliports available on Motion server
(Public online library)

E-Motion ™

MS Word Add In for easy editing of knowledge stored in Motion directly in MS Word application

Download e-Motion

Motion UP ™

- Application allowing an import of already existing documents into Motion
- Folder structure is automatically recreated in Motion

Download MotionUp

Motion PUB ™

- Application allowing publishing of knowledge stored in Motion to eBooks


- Execution of knowledge by non-Motion users (i.e. online registration of products by customers or a new member application form)


- Information screensaver connected to Motion
- Displays selected information from Motion on any computer screen

Download InfoScreen (zip)


- Online shared check list

Web services

- Interface to allow interaction with other systems


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